10 Surprising Custard Apple Benefits on Your Health


High oxidative stress can lead to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Kaurenoic acid, vitamin C flavonoids, and carotenoids are antioxidants in Sitafal. They neutralise oxidizers and lower chronic illness risk.

Rich Source of Antioxidants

Dopamine and serotonin synthesis is increased by vitamin B6 or pyridoxine in custard apple. Neurotransmitters boost mood. Mental health concerns including stress and depression result from their shortage. Custard apples contain 24% of vitamin B6's RDA in 160 grammes.

Elevates Mood 

Lutein in Sitafal is a potent eye antioxidant. Maintaining eye health prevents free radicals, cataracts, macular degeneration, etc.

Promotes Eye Health

Sitafal has lots of potassium and magnesium. Diluting blood arteries lowers blood pressure. Their heart health and stroke prevention are maintained.

 Controls Blood Pressure

Dessert or Sitafal Apple fibre thickens stool. It eases food transit through the intestines, treating constipation and diarrhoea. Short-chain fatty acid fermentation benefits from custard apple soluble fibre. Fatty acids provide energy and protect the digestive tract from Crohn's and ulcerative colitis.

Improves Digestive System

Epicatechin, epigallocatechin, and custard apple catechin inhibit cancer cell proliferation. A "effect on cancerous cells" comparison shows epicatechin inhibits bladder cancer growth. Other research showed custard apple catechin inhibits breast cancer cell proliferation. Flavonoids-rich diets reduce cancer risk, research finds. More research is needed to determine Sitafal's efficacy in treating this condition.

Possesses Anti-Cancer Properties

Pudding apple contains anti-inflammatory kaurenoic acid. They prevent heart disease and chronic inflammation-related cancers. One study found this fruit enhances catechin, epicatechin, and epigallocatechin production. Mouse blood C reactive protein decreases with epicatechin. This protein increases cardiovascular disease risk by hardening and restricting arteries.

Prevents Inflammation

Sitafal is rich in Vitamin C, which boosts immunity and prevents sickness. Its insufficiency increases infection risk. Vitamin C may also shorten colds, according to a study.

Boosts Immunity

Acid deposits in joints cause arthritis and rheumatism. Custard apples are rich in magnesium, which helps remove joint acid by maintaining water equilibrium. It also strengthens muscles. Sitafal's calcium also helps bones.

Protects Against Arthritis

Collagen makes your skin supple, plump, smooth, and young. Age-related collagen loss causes wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. The collagen-boosting custard apple keeps skin young and healthy. In addition, its components slow collagen breakdown. Antioxidants in Sitafal counteract oxidative damage to postpone ageing and blemishes.

Maintains Skin Health

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