10 Natural Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol 


Soluble and insoluble fibre are essential to a healthy diet. LDL cholesterol can be lowered by eating over 10 grammes of soluble fibre. LDL is dubbed “bad cholesterol” because it raises heart disease risk. 

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Reduce cholesterol using a plant-based diet. This diet emphasises fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Plant-based diets affect LDL cholesterol most. Because you don't get saturated fats from meats, dairy, and other animal items, which raise LDL. 

Adopt A Plant-Based Diet

Aerobic and resistance training reduce cholesterol. This advantage seems to depend on exercise intensity. LDL drops after moderate-to-intense exercise. Additionally, it boosts HDL cholesterol. Known as “good cholesterol,” HDL eliminates other cholesterol. I prefer higher HDL values. Exercise naturally raises HDL. 


Triglycerides are most affected by omega-3s. Blood fat called triglycerides increases heart disease risk. Triglycerides can drop 30% with 4 grammes of omega-3 fatty acids per day. You can get omega-3 from supplements, food, or medication. Foods high in omega-3s include

Increase Omega-3 Intake 

Being overweight or obese increases cholesterol risk. That danger is reversible. Even small weight loss can significantly lower cholesterol. LDL and triglycerides drop significantly with 5% weight loss. 

 Weight Management

Two ways alcohol affects cholesterol. Effects vary on amount and frequency of drinking. Moderate alcohol use raises HDL. This is why alcohol may prevent heart disease. Alcohol can raise triglycerides if consumed in excess.

Limit Alcohol intake

Along with other health risks, smoking raises cholesterol. Smoking has two cholesterol effects. LDL cholesterol rises and HDL cholesterol falls. This impact is easily reversed by quitting smoking. In just 3 weeks after stopping smoking, HDL levels climb.

Stop Smoking

Some research links stress to higher LDL and triglycerides. Not only can long-term stress raise cholesterol. It appears that short-term stress causes fast cholesterol alterations. Easy and effective stress-reduction methods include

Decrease Stress

Dietary supplements can boost cholesterol. They enhance diet and exercise's cholesterol-lowering effects. Common cholesterol-lowering supplements include

Take Supplements

Evidence suggests green tea lowers LDL and total cholesterol. It may function because of green tea flavonoids. These chemicals may reduce cholesterol production and enhance absorption. Over 15% decrease LDL cholesterol with 375 mg of green tea daily, according to research.

Drink Green Tea 

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