10 Nail Art Designs That Will Add Colour To Your B/W Mood Board

Negative Space Heart

Contrary to what some individuals may assert, the statement "wearing your heart on your tips" is perfectly legitimate.

Lunar Length

People who are easily swayed by astrology should pay attention to this.There is nothing better than this black and white moon phase nail art design.

Curved Stripe

A smooth layer of black with a straight line of white to draw attention to it is just what you need to keep things simple this season. So simple, but still so stylish.

Teeny Stars

Putting a few tiny stars on the base of each nail is sometimes all that's needed to make a black-and-white manicure look really cool.

Black and White Half Moon

Do you like negative nail art? This half-moon manicure with black, white, and transparent nail colors is great for the intended look.

Celestial Inspiration

Why paint your nails black or white when you can make a statement with black and chrome glitter or a sky-inspired graphic?

Statement Nail

Putting together an all-white manicure design with one large, complicated geometric nail makes for a manicure that is both eye-catching and understated.

Cow Print

The cow print design is not only one of the coolest ways to spice up a black-and-white manicure, but it's also one of the hottest nail designs right now.

White Tiger Print

Want to try an animal print that's not everywhere?If you like zebra print, white tiger pattern is a bold and beautiful way to switch things up.

Pretty Kittie

Why not paint cats on your nails if you like whimsy?The sleek black-and-white color scheme is neutral enough for an office.

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